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Cevizoğlu implements store concepts for a variety of retail brands around the world. The company’s competitive edge is to obtain the know-how, a focused team and to have an integrated facility that is focused on all processes of wood and metal equipment manufacturing for the retail sector.


The journey the company has started with a 125sqm wood workshop in 1991. In 2001, metal production was introduced; Cevizoğlu now goes on its journey with a 13.750sqm indoor area with computer-aided machinery.


The company’s customer portfolio consists of chain stores of well-known national and international brands as well as boutique stores of many luxury brands.


We are here to provide you with the desired quality and implementation on schedule and competitive prices.


Cevizoğlu executes bespoke projects of well-known national and international chain-store brands as well as boutique stores of luxury brands.


Cevizoğlu is capable of providing customers with a wide range of different materials and finishes and has nearly 100% customer satisfaction rate.

28+ Years of Experience

Worked in 60+ Countries

200+ Personnel

Cevizoğlu manufactures both wood and metal high-quality end products for retail spaces

in its 13.750m² integrated facility in Istanbul, Turkey.

2500m² Wood Manufacturing Area

2500m² Metal Manufacturing Area

2500m² Painting Area

2500m² Logistics Area

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