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Cevizoğlu manufactures both wood and metal high-quality end products for retail spaces in its 13.750m² integrated facility in Istanbul, Turkey.


The facility includes 1250m² office space along with a 1250m² showroom, 1250m² storage area, 2500m² wood manufacturing floor, 2500m² metal manufacturing floor, 2500m² metal and wood
painting floor as well as a 2500m² logistic center.


We offer the privilege of being in the 3-hours flight from 50 countries as an advantage to our customers.

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metal manufacturing

Cevizoğlu is a specialist in metal manufacturing capable of working with a range of diffent materials and finishes such as:


  • sheet metal

  • profiles

  • pipes

  • solid metal

  • chromium plating

  • powdercoating

  • stainless steel

  • aluminum

  • brass


Cevizoğlu’s modern machinery including laser technologies and other special welding and polishing methods as well as the use of welding robots guarantee the high quality of products.

wood manufacturing

Wood processing constitutes an area of specialty for Cevizoğlu and is performed in machine-controlled production at CNC processing centers in its own wood processing department applying the highest quality criteria. Wood production is realized in serial production as well as in individual projects.


Cevizoğlu offers a wide variety of different materials and finishes:


  • Solid wood

  • Veneers, laminates melamine coated boards

  • Painted finishes from matt to high gloss

  • Plywood

  • Custom shaped veneer surfaces

   as well as

  • Leather upholstery

  • Glass

  • Acrylic

metal painting - powdercating

Cevizoğlu, in its powder coating line, offers high-quality finishes from any color as well as special varnishes.

wood painting - water booth painting line

Cevizoğlu, in its state-of-the-art water booth painting line, offers high quality finishes from matte to high gloss finish

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